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We are looking for strong machinists who we can pay $40+ per hour.


If you are getting bored at your production shop and think you have the chops to handle large lathes and mills—both conventional and CNC—we want to meet you.

Why us

  • You'll get to machine large parts, complex parts and hard to work materials.

  • You'll get to to plan and execute jobs with lots of independence

  • You'll get to be part of a team of experienced machinists constantly working with and helping each other

  • You'll get to do the jobs other shops can't or won't do.

High Pay, Full Benefits
  • $40+/hr+ for well-qualified machinists

  • Health and Dental coverage

  • Retirement plan with 3% company match

  • PTO (starting at 2 weeks per year)

  • Ten Holidays

We review all resumes sent and will contact you if we think there would be a good fit.



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