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Here is some information to help you define your project. When quoting with Washington Machine Works, we are happy to work with anything that allows us to make the part you want. We understand that sometimes, especially with emergency repairs, you often don’t have detailed drawings, specifications and tolerances.


  • Is a drawing or sketch available that is legible and complete?

  • Are specific and general tolerances provided? 

  • Are sizes, locations, finishes, corner radii, and angles all specified?

  • For critical features, does the drawing fully define characteristics such as concentricity? 

  • Are tolerances tight enough for your intended use but not so tight they make the part expensive?


  • Is material required or supplied by you?  What spec? What heat treatment? Hardness?

  • What size and form of raw material is to be provided?

  • Is stock sufficient to make final part?

  • Is facing allowed?

  • Are bars rough turned?  Is turning allowed to run steady rests?  What minimum diameter?

  • For turned parts, are centers allowed?

  • What quantity is required?

  • When is a quote needed?

  • What timeline considerations do you have?

  • When is material available?

  • When are parts needed?

What services are required?

  • Material supply

  • Cutting

  • Welding

  • Stress relieving

  • Machining

  • Heat treatment

  • Coatings

Describe work to be performed:

  • If a drawing is available you can email it or provide detailed sizes and tolerances.

Online resources
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