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Washington Machine Works takes great pride in making quality parts the first time, every time. We have a quality system, rigorous inspection procedures and calibrated test equipment.

Quality Manual

Our quality system covers all aspects of making your part from confirming the specifications to inspecting materials as they arrive and inspecting the parts when they are done.

Our top goal is making sure your parts meet your needs.

Contact us for a copy of our Quality Manual

Inspection Procedures

We work with three levels of inspections depending on the needs of your project.

Calibrated Test Equipment

All our test equipment is calibrated to recognized international standards on at least an annual basis.

Document Control

Each drawing and other document is stored with your job file. Job files are stored for at least seven years. We verify your parts are made to the most recent versions of your drawings.

Inspection Levels

Level I
  1. Incoming material is inspected for size, quality and physical condition. The heat number is transferred if required. The packing slip or shipping receipt will be used to verify the type of material. Any additional sub-out work will be inspected in the appropriate spot. Material itself will be tagged or marked with the job number. Unmarked material will not be used until properly inspected. Copies of all receipts will be kept in the job file.

  2. Each procedure used in the job will require a first part inspection.

  3. Final part inspection will be for completeness of the order and for proper deburr work.

  4. Packing inspection Will be made.

Level II
  1. All items listed for Level I.

  2. Material and sub-out inspection require a certification or letter of conformance.

  3. A dimension inspection report will be made for at least one part. More reports may be required as stipulated on the work order.

Level III
  1. All items listed for Level II.

  2. Inspection reports will be made out for all items. In addition, inspections will be done by a quality assurance inspector.

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